Surgeries Will Be Safer Due to a New Medical Device


A new medical device has been developed by a Swedish company with the help of the University of Debrecen and the world-famous Mayo Clinic. The device can indicate when the patient can breath again after the surgery. Senzime’s new device can significantly increase patient safety.

We have been dealing with the safe use of muscle relaxants for ten years, and in several clinical studies we have examined how to make anesthesia as safe as possible. As part of this, we joined an international research and development project together with one of the working groups at the Mayo Clinic in America – said Béla Fülesdi at the University of Debrecen at a press conference on the 5th of March.

For the development of the TetraGraph instrument manufactured by Senzime in Sweden, several measurements have been performed at the anesthetic clinic with the device under non-surgical or surgical conditions. The monitor has recently received a marketing authorization from the European Union, so its clinical application has started in several European countries and the US medical licensing is in progress. There are currently 3 such monitors in Hungary, all at the University of Debrecen Clinic Center.

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