Insta Live: DRAMA QUEENS & KINGS – Conversation with Zsigmond Lakó

Culture University

How can English acting change your life? A stage. An amateur company. A super community.

Over the years, Dr. Zsigmond Lakó met a large number of young students, who first stood on the stage as shy amateurs, carefully memorizing the selected lines, and then a few months later, they shone with confidence that embarrassed even professionals. How is it possible? Who is English-language acting for? How can a hobby help you get the job of your dreams? Is every story really a success story?

If you are curious about all this and some behind the scenes, stay with us on our Instagram page on February 2 at 18:00, where we will talk live with Dr. Zsigmond Lakó, a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Debrecen. Zsigmond’s area of ​​research is Italian drama and theater. His passion is acting.

Instagram: @debrecenac

Facebook event.

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