The University of Debrecen awarded its outstanding athletes


The University of Debrecen’s Sports Science Coordination Institute awarded the title of Outstanding Athlete to university students who achieved outstanding results in sports and provided outstanding performance. Twenty-seven talented young people received the recognition at the award ceremony.

The title of “Outstanding Athlete of the University of Debrecen” was established by the institution in 2006 in recognition of those students who, in addition to their good academic performance, achieved outstanding national and international performance in their sport.

The award was given to 27 students in 16 sports on Wednesday, University Day from László Balogh, Director of the Sports Science Coordination Institute of the University of Debrecen, András Becsky, Managing Director of the Debrecen Sports Center, Jenő Sípos, CEO, , Lászlóné Lóczi from Marianna Kovács, Managing Director of DEAC Kft. The number of awardees reached a record this year, so many talented students have not yet received recognition from the University of Debrecen.

In addition to the outstanding athletes, the students who won the Scholarship of the Student Talent Development Program were also awarded – a total of ten college athletes.

László Balogh, director of the Sports Science Coordination Institute of the University of Debrecen, emphasized at the ceremony: the award-winning athletes embody what the symbiosis of sport and the university means, evidence that learning and sports can be reconciled.

– Sport and learning go hand in hand. In 1841, József Péczeli, the late academic head of the Reformed College, initiated the introduction of regular exercise. We are still trying to meet this, we think responsibly about this task, as in addition to research and education, we also have to fulfill our social role. We introduced the sports scholarship system for the first time at the University of Debrecen, the DE can adapt most flexibly to the needs of athletes, therefore the mentor and tutor system appeared here for the first time. Every six months, 5,000 students take part in compulsory physical education classes, with nearly three thousand certified athletes, DEAC is one of the most important university sports clubs in the country. More than 800 students study in courses related to sports and physical education. Thanks are due to the now-award-winning students, as instead of vacationing and having fun, they go to training camps, workouts, and do their best to be successful in sports and on campus, stressed the director of DESKI.

The list of the winners of the “Outstanding Athlete of the University of Debrecen” award and the list of the winners of the Student Talent Development Scholarship can be read in the downloadable documents.

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