The model change of the University of Debrecen: the framework and the financing agreement have been signed


Following the adoption of the relevant law (C21. 2021 on the rules promoting the competitive operation of higher education institutions), the framework agreement of the University of Debrecen until 2044 and the public finance project of higher education until the end of 2026 were signed.

In the presence of the university management, the documents were signed by György Kossa, Minister of Higher Education László Palkovics, Minister of Higher Education, and the Chairman of the Board of the István Gróf Tisza University of Debrecen, on 30 September in Debrecen.

Through the new funding model, annual public funding for university education, research, their infrastructure and specific sectoral targets will almost double from 2022, and significant improvements will be launched to meet the targets set in the framework agreement with the government.

Through the agreements now signed and the government decisions in force on the development of D2030 and the Automotive Education Center, the institution will be able to achieve its public tasks and strategic development goals from approximately HUF 480 billion in the coming years.

According to the annex to the law, representing the size of the task, the University of Debrecen has the highest funding framework for the performance of its public tasks among the model-changing universities: in the period between 2022 and 2026, the university and Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen. The amount may be lower or, where appropriate, higher, depending on the achievement of the set performance targets, with an annual value tracking of at least 3%.

According to the framework agreement, the institution will be able to use more than 180 billion forints for the general and special target tasks included in the university development strategy, and it is still entitled to participate in the domestic and EU tenders to be announced.

With the operational model and financing accompanying the model change, developments of historical significance can be realized, as a result of which the international significance and competitiveness of the University of Debrecen will further increase.

In addition to general university development investments, the goals set in the framework agreement include the implementation of the National Vaccine Factory and the further development of the Vezér út University Science Park, a rural rehabilitation, recreation and development center, a closed technology agri-tech research, demonstration and training center and the Tiszafüred limnology center. , as well as the establishment of an agricultural precision robotics center.

The implementation of the development plan will further strengthen the regional impact and role of the University of Debrecen, as the planned developments and the activities of the university will affect Szolnok, Nyíregyháza, Tiszafüred, Hajdúnánás and Hajdúböszörmény in addition to Debrecen.

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