Jubilee “fresh” graduates of the Faculty of Humanities


The University of Debrecen was able to receive gold, diamond, iron and ruby letters those, who graduated from the Faculty of Humanities of its former predecessor institutions 50, 60, 65 and 70 years ago at a ceremony held on 10 October at the Courtyard of the Main Building.
At the jubilee graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Humanities (BTK), more than 170 former graduates of two grades received their diplomas: a gold diploma 50, a diamond 60, an iron 65, and a ruby 70 years after graduation.

“The knowledge and experience that they began to accumulate here and then enrich during their lives is also a treasure for their alma mater. There are people among you who are poets, editors, book writers, these are occupations that constantly require you to write. And there are teachers, diplomats, researchers who use speech more goal-oriented – the dean of the faculty referred to the diverse, multi-disciplinary work of the jubilees in his ceremonial speech.

– I ask you to perpetuate your memories of your university years, your later career. In this way, they not only provide resources for historians and ethnographers, but their memories – connecting the past and the future – connect yesterday to the present. Maintaining the talent of memory is an advantage for all of us, but the personal gain can also contribute to common well-being by using it for purposes that result in common treasures, said Róbert Keményfi.

Following the festive greeting, Elek Bartha, UD Vice-Rector for Education, and Róbert Keményfi, Dean of BTK, handed the jubilee diplomas to the former students, which were the first to be received by the graduates who graduated last year due to the epidemic.

On behalf of the jubilees, Zsolt Botond Batár, a high school history teacher and folklore lecturer graduating from Kossuth Lajos University in 1971, 50 years ago, greeted.

– The holiday is uplifting, the encounter in that wonderful palace that was once the main scene of our lives for five years. Here we became an adult, and during the pleasant student years we not only studied, but also got prepared for life in the sciences – said Zsolt Botond Batár, who donated his recently published volume on Trianon to the dean.

On behalf of the Professors’ Club of the University of Debrecen and the Circle of Friends of the Lajos Kossuth University, Professor Mihály Duffek greeted the celebrants.

“The only sure thing in the world is change, but hopefully during the years they spent in college, they were able to get the knowledge that could have served as a compass in their lives. The plaques on the wall of the Courtyard, which preserve the names of former Debrecen students, may suggest that time may separate successive generations, but today’s ceremony also proves that the descendants, those present here, belong to the Debrecen student community, Duffek Michael emphasized.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants of the jubilee graduation ceremony were able to receive “Secrets of the University of Debrecen” from the current students of the faculty, a volume of stories about the Main Building, the University Park, the University Church, the stained glass windows of the Hall, sculptures, paintings, and relics, published in the latest edition of the institution.



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