The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen is holding an open day


In the online space, you can get acquainted with the training offer of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the research activities of the faculty, among other things, but there will also be talk about the employment opportunities of the graduates.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen will introduce itself to those who are in the process of continuing their education in a convenient way to follow from home on Tuesday, January 25, from 4 p.m. After the welcome on the Open Day, the faculty management will not only share information about education and buildings but also the authorities will talk about the chances of graduates in the labor market. It is planned that there will be more research at the Faculty of Pharmacy and that it will be possible to get involved in scientific work. Those interested can get immediate answers to their questions from faculty and current students.

Ildikó Kovácsné Bácskay, Deputy Dean of Education at the Faculty of Pharmacy, said that they are primarily looking for high school students who are interested in a career in science and health, who feel responsible for their fellow human beings, who want to help others, and who have a profession that focuses on, help is available.

Ms. Ildikó Kovácsné Bácskay added that it is possible to work as a pharmacist in many fields, after graduation their students work mainly in pharmacies, but it is also possible to practice the profession as a hospital-clinical pharmacist. Pharmacists working in the pharmaceutical industry are also involved in research, development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality assurance, and the organization of clinical trials.

“Ours is an attractive career, in many places, you can get a high salary with our degree,” the deputy dean of education emphasized.

You can join the Open Day of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen by clicking here. The poster for the event can be found here.


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