University of Debrecen: these courses were the most popular this year


Medical and economic studies were the most popular among those who applied to the University of Debrecen this year, announced the vice-chancellor of education, Elek Bartha, at a press conference. He also reported that the acceptance rate among applicants had improved.

Describing this year’s admission results, Elek Bartha emphasized: that the University of Debrecen is one of the most popular higher education institutions in the country, and holds first place in the countryside.

In the first round, 6,502 students were admitted. The number of freshmen may be around ten thousand, including the cross-border training, the results of legal remedies and supplementary admissions, and the English-language training. Elek Bartha stated that there are currently 14 faculties operating in 12 training areas. He also touched on the fact that the acceptance rate has improved, and students are coming to the university more and more prepared.

Among the most popular faculties and majors, medical and health education ranks first, where the most students were admitted. This is followed by the Faculty of Economics, but legal training, as well as administrative and technical training, are also very popular.

The national trend prevails here as well: interest in the teaching career has waned, and few people have applied for this training, said the vice-rector of education. Director of Education Annamária Pósánné Rácz spoke about legal remedies and the supplementary admission procedure. He said that after the supplementary admission, 300-400 students can still enter the university.

All in all, about ten thousand students can start their studies at the University of Debrecen this year.

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