The university festival venue attracted tens of thousands of people at the Campus Festival

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This year’s Campus Festival set a record, with 116,000 people attending one of Hungary’s biggest summer cultural events, the organizers announced on Monday. The university programs of the festival were also of great interest. Tens of thousands visited the stands and stage of the University of Debrecen during the four days.

In a new location, on the northeast side of the Nagyerdei Stadium, in a larger area than ever before, the university venue of the Campus Festival, the Erasmus35 Stage – University Square, awaited the festival-goers with spectacular scientific experiments, professional discussions, and almost 20 concerts.

University Square on Campus: science and fun in one place


Almost all scientific fields of the University of Debrecen were presented, 36 organizational units offered exciting attractions at 16 stands and more than forty different programs

– Zsuzsanna Mándy, a staff member of the institution’s Scientific Directorate, described the event.

She said that the attendance at the University Square during the day was outstanding, tens of thousands of people participated in the programs and had fun in the afternoons and evenings at the Erasmus35 Stage, named after the 35-year-old Erasmus international mobility scholarship and student-faculty exchange program.

Chancellor Zoltán Bács took the stage at the Campus Festival

Many people were curious about the experiments and demonstrations, but most of them took part in the dermatological screenings. The Faculty of Technology’s robot dog was a huge success, and more and more people tried to “get in touch” with the humanoid robots. Many people followed the solo concert of the singer of the band Halott Pénz, Márk Járai, and many also took part in the podium discussion with András Kéri, a member of the Irie Maffia. The Pont Ott Parti also moved a large crowd on Thursday evening, where it was revealed who had been accepted to the University of Debrecen. Those who got in swam in euphoria and got a crown on their head,

– the organizer listed.

Zsuzsanna Mándy also highlighted the usefulness of ultrasound diagnostic tests, it was found that several of them needed medical intervention, for example, gallstones were also detected.

The stand of the university sports association, DEAC, was also popular, where those interested in motorsports could even change a wheel on a racing car.

Zsuzsanna Mándy emphasized: that in view of the great success, there will be university programs at the Campus Festival next year as well.


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