Employees of the University of Debrecen are experimenting with an anti-brain tumor drug


The almost ten-year-long research program of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Natural Sciences of the Claude Bernard University in France has reached another milestone. Four employees of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology recently spent a week in the higher education institution of Lyon, which has more than half a million inhabitants, where they consulted with members of the so-called supra-molecular research group of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The main topic was the further development of an active substance, from which the French and Hungarian experts want to make a medicine that can be used against certain aggressive brain tumors.

French colleagues synthesize an active substance for the treatment of aggressive brain tumors. We are trying to develop this into a medicinal preparation that can be administered to patients. The difficulty is that this material is difficult to dissolve, but we are trying to solve the problem

– explained Ildikó Bácskay.

The Lyon team last visited the University of Debrecen in the spring, and according to the plans, they will reciprocate the current visit to Hungary in October.



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