The dry, droughty weather is causing more and more damage to fish production in domestic ponds as well


According to an expert from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen, thinning fishing can be a partial solution to the problem, if a part of the stock is fished already during the breeding season.

Hungarian fish farmers have been struggling with drought-induced water shortages for years. Until now, this process has mainly affected the trans-Danubian areas, but this year it is becoming a bigger problem for the lake farms in our region, in the Tiszántúl as well,

– said Milán Fehér.

According to the specialist of UD, summer thinning fishing, during which part of the stock reared in the lake is fished out already during the breeding season, can be a partial solution to the problem. In the long term, the drought will definitely affect the production of fish ponds and significantly affect the efficiency of the sector in the next breeding cycle.

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