University of Debrecen: there is serious interest in the contemporary popular music major


Starting in September, several new majors will be launched at the University of Debrecen, including a contemporary popular music major that is unique in our country but also rare in the world, in which there is already serious student interest – the vice chancellor of education of the institution indicated at a press conference on Thursday at the university.

Professor Elek Bartha said that the changed admission rules make it easier for students to choose a major that better suits their interests.

The University of Debrecen offers applicants a full spectrum of training: 69 basic and 78 master’s courses are offered in more than two hundred training areas – listed the vice-rector, noting that 13 faculties are operated in ten cities, including several settlements across the border.

He added that within the framework of the dual training, they teach 38 – 29 master’s and 9 bachelor’s courses – and are in contact with around 150 partner companies.

Bartha Elek also said that several new majors will be launched this year as well. Among them, he singled out the nationally unique, but rare in Europe and the whole world, contemporary popular music major, which is already showing serious student interest. Within the framework of the training starting in September, you can choose from eight specializations – light music guitar, bass guitar, keyboard instruments, percussion instruments, vocals, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone.

Earlier, the university announced that the course will be taught by instructors from the University of Debrecen Faculty of Music, including singers Kati Wolf and Fruzsi Erdős, producer Péter Ferencz, keyboardist Tóth Marcell, drum and bass instructors Gudics Marcell and Gudics Martin, jazz guitarist Bálint Gyémánt, Kovács Trumpet teacher János, saxophone teacher Gábor Linzenbold and trombone teacher Dániel Tóth, as well as Antal Varga, leader of the Abrakazbra band, who will teach the subject of orchestral practice that forms the basis of the training.

The bachelor’s degree in precision agricultural engineering will also start as a new field of study in September at the Faculty of Agriculture, the master’s degree in electrical engineering with the cooperation of three faculties, the master’s degree in data science in the IT faculty, and the bachelor’s degree in materials engineering in the faculty of natural sciences and technology – listed the vice-rector, adding that for the first time in Szolnok, they are launching vocational nurse master’s and social worker training courses.

Dániel Molnár, the president of the University of Debrecen doctoral student council, told the prospective students that their university has one of the country’s largest and most “vibrant” student communities and the oldest and most complex talent management program.

He indicated that they have 5,000 places in 15 dormitories, and they can admit 90 percent of applicants to the one-, two-, or three-bed dormitories.

He announced that for the first time, from September, the most talented young people who have already proven their readiness with their results in national high school academic competitions will receive a freshman scholarship. Successful students in special national competitions will receive HUF 100,000 once, and those who perform well in other competitions will receive HUF 50,000, he added.

Elek Bartha told MTI that last year, more than six thousand first-year students were admitted as part of the general admissions procedure, including supplementary admissions, cross-border admissions, and those admitted to English-language courses, by September this number reached ten thousand. The University of Debrecen is preparing to admit a similar number of students this year, he added.

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