The University of Debrecen received an excellent rating


The accreditation of the University of Debrecen has been completed, the  Hungarian Accreditation Committee (MAC) rated the institution’s education and research management as excellent. The UD received the quality management certificate necessary for operation, which was accepted by the Vice-Rector for Education  Elek Bartha.

During the latest comprehensive investigation, the university prepared a self-evaluation report, in which it also reported on the measures that MAC proposed in the previous accreditation procedure. UD started its preparation for the procedure in July 2021 and then submitted its self-evaluation report to the accreditation body by the deadline set by MAC, January 14, 2022. The Visiting Committee delegated by MAC arrived at the institution in May 2022, where it held discussions with sixty-four interview groups, around 300 university citizens and representatives of partner organizations cooperating with the university.

Among other things, the Hungarian Higher Education Accreditation Committee classified the educational and research management of the institution as excellent based on these, a result such as this rarely occurs during evaluations. The quality management certificate necessary for the operation of UD was received by Elek Bartha, vice chancellor of education at the University of Debrecen, at the MACconference “The role of accreditation in successful higher education”.

Bartha Elek said: the committee’s investigation also confirmed that the institution has everything in place to continue quality education.

In the accreditation report and among the quality improvement proposals, the committee highlighted that the financial, management, IT, and facility management support processes, as well as the infrastructure provide an excellent background for educational and research activities

– the vice-rector explained the MAC opinion, adding that intermediate monitoring no procedure is required for accreditation either, the institution’s highly qualified classification is also an important result in connection with future professional initiations.

The MAC also stated that the University of Debrecen is a complex, complex organization, each faculty in itself is a multi-functional complex network, in addition, they emphasized that the institution’s new role as a civil, civil, private university enables “thinking about the university’s mission further in terms of sustainability, along the lines of well-being concepts and committed social development goals.”

During the investigation, the experts emphasized that the University of Debrecen provides student-centered education, cooperative, dual and joint courses are available, and considers the presence of well-educated, motivated and prepared instructors committed to scientific research and the diversity of scientific fields to be of great value.

As a positive example, the accreditation report lists the facilities, programs and services that support students’ learning and comfort, such as the library system that includes nine libraries, research support services (iDEa Tudósstér) and an online publication platform (Open Journal System), mentoring program, mobility programs, scholarships, sports opportunities, dormitory services.

The institution’s accreditation procedure was last carried out five years ago by the MAC, the license essential for the basic operation of the University of Debrecen was issued in 2018 – it expired in December 2022. The University of Debrecen received the quality management certificate for another five years, until December 31, 2027, from the Hungarian Higher Education Accreditation Committee.

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