UniFit is popular among students at the University of Debrecen


Organized by the UD Sports Science Coordination Institute, more than a thousand students completed the physical education course this year at the UniFit Fitness&Gym Center of the University of Debrecen. The option is extremely popular among students because they can choose from a variety of forms of exercise and easily fit them into their schedule, writes unideb.hu.

The places offered by UniFit in the Nagyerdei Stadium for physical education classes at Neptun fill up in minutes. In the always very clean and modern room, young people can choose from several forms of exercise, such as fitness, recreational health education, and body and shape-shaping exercise programs. They are also open to bouldering, sport climbing and wallball.

It is also unique in the domestic context that university students can request expert help for all activities. For wall climbing, for example, a wall master, who helps to learn the basics and to teach the form of movement, to stimulate motivation. For fitness-related recreation programs, fitness trainers are available on demand, who also provide guidance to the students in the acquisition of movement, as well as training planning and lifestyle changes. The most popular among students this year was the fitness recreation training

– said Tamás Balogh, director of UniFit.

To our great pleasure, we increasingly see that the students who choose UniFit physical education are extremely enthusiastic and motivated. They love exercise and a fitness room that they really feel is theirs. They attended conscientiously, and for most of them, the goal was not only to complete the number of hours, but they really came for the love of movement

– explained the leader.

Fanni Makkai, a first-year student studying dietetics at the University of Debrecen, took up physical education at UniFit in the second semester.

I found that this option is very popular among students. We are happy that we can go to UniFit whenever we want. We can allocate our time and we don’t have to adapt to a timetable, whether it conflicts with something or not. I used to train before, but now I mostly used the elliptical and the treadmill among the cardio machines. A plus point was that the room is large and there are a variety of machines available. There are also plenty of treadmills, so even if many of us were there at the same time, I always found a free place for myself

– the student summed up her experience.

Makkai Fanni added: she wants to complete her university physical education classes at UniFit again from autumn. You can do this, as according to the plans, the opportunity will still be given to the students of the University of Debrecen.

Another piece of news related to UniFit is that the fitness center will open its doors to university employees this year on DErbi Day, as is tradition. By showing the Unipass card, you can try out the room’s services free of charge on Friday, June 9, and after that – until June 24 – the center offers a unique, large discount to the staff and, of course, the student community.

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