University Square on Campus – science and fun for one purpose


From Wednesday afternoon to Saturday evening, several thousand people visited the program venue of the University of Debrecen at the Campus Festival, where the new institutional brand, the Secondary School University Preparatory Program, was presented. In the 10 wooden houses, 27 university units awaited those interested with spectacular scientific experiments, demonstrations, an escape room and a Chill Zone.

Among the attractions of the University Square, many people were especially curious about the machines of the Faculty of Engineering, the health screenings, the experiments of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, the delicacies of the dieticians, the resuscitation practice, and the mental health counseling.

Not only high school students, who are the main target group, but also children, adults, and grandparents visited the university festival site in large numbers. New this year, visitors received a seal for completing the playful tasks, and after collecting three, they were treated to a drink in the Chill Zone.

The Experimental Physics Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology together with the university Innovation Center and the Orthopedic Clinic, Science is a game, let’s play! was presented in a wooden house with a fantastic name, which resulted in interesting cohesion.

The classical natural scientist and the engineer interested in nature also appear in our trainings, we tried to popularize our field with many interesting, interactive games

– explained István Csarnovics, associate professor of the Department of Experimental Physics.

They presented, among other things, what kind of objects can be made with a 3D printer, how some electronic gadgets are made, for example, the led panel that flashes at certain sound frequencies, and thanks to the Institute of Hydrobiology, they also tested the quality of water. The most popular was a tool for checking the quality of sunglasses.

At another wooden house, the deputy dean of education of the Faculty of State and Law reported that during the four days, almost a hundred people visited them, who could answer, among other things, legal and historical quiz questions. The younger ones had to recognize children’s songs “translated” into legal language.

Most of them inquired about the point limits, the correspondence courses and the language test. This event helped a lot in getting to know us and our trainings

– said Zsuzsanna Árva.

The specialists of the Dermatology Clinic of the Klinikai Központ provided useful advice to those who entered the University Square. First, birthmark screening was performed, and the participants were taught what to pay attention to in relation to these.

Unfortunately, the number of skin tumors is also increasing due to climate change and stronger sunlight, which is why screening for birthmarks is important. Over the age of fifty or sixty, it is recommended to go for screening every two years, and at a younger age, if, for example, someone has a history of skin cancer or many birthmarks in the family

– listed dermatologist Ágnes Tósaki.

In the wooden house, which stylishly filters and stirs with us! was named, in addition to the screening tests, the festival-goers could also learn about the process of organ donation, the correct and effective diet, and could even prepare moisturizing creams, body lotions, scrubs and various facial tonics suitable for their skin type, which they could take home.

Apart from these, University Square also offered many other interesting things. From time to time, enterprising young people tried to get out of the escape room, many went on playful literary matchmaking, they got to know the practical techniques of resuscitation, physical therapy, first aid and the Heimlich technique. Klick selfies and joint photos with DEAC athletes were continuously taken.

Creating their own heat map and the world of microscopic fungi also attracted many, and anyone could try to decipher the messages of the Roman legions and German submarines, try to change a wheel in a minute or take off in an airplane.

In addition to all this, on the university stage, informative, green and legal topics were discussed in the afternoons, and in the evenings nationally known musicians gave concerts, students of the UD Classical Music Institute and DEAC cheerleaders also performed.


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