Professor appointments at the University of Debrecen


The teaching staff of the University of Debrecen has increased with new professors. President Katalin Novák decided on the appointments based on the proposal of the minister responsible for culture and innovation.

The list of university professors appointed as of September 1, 2023, including the 13 new professors of the University of Debrecen (UD), was published in the issue of Magyar Közlöny published on September 6, 2023.

UD’s new university professors are instructors of the institution’s seven faculties:


Faculty of Law

Ildiko Bartha


Faculty of Medicine

Rudolf Gesztelyi

Attila Jakab

Zoltán Varga


Faculty of Informatics

Zoltán Gál


Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management

Csaba Juhász

Attila the Great

Mária Takács Hájos


Faculty of Engineering

György Csomós


Faculty of Science and Technology

Peter Petrik


Faculty of Music

Zoltán Csaba Nagy

Istvan Szabo

Waiting for Judit


The professors will soon receive their appointment and university robes in a house ceremony.



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