The University of Debrecen awarded its outstanding athletes


On Wednesday, before yoUDay, students who were prominent in domestic and international sports events received awards at the ceremony in the Nagyerdei Stadium. Thirty-three competitors received the title of Outstanding Athlete of the University of Debrecen this year.

This spring, the Hungarian University-University Sports Association (MEFS), the University of Debrecen and the city of Debrecen jointly organized the largest multi-sport event in Hungary, the MEFOB Fest, at which the athletes of the University of Debrecen were the most successful. And with the organization of the European 3×3 University Basketball Championship in July, the university was put on the map of European university sports. The event was evaluated by the European University Sports Association as the most successful 3×3 university EC of all time

– recalled László Balogh at the ceremony on Wednesday.

The director of the Sports Science Coordination Institute also drew attention to the fact that in 2024, the University of Debrecen, the city of Debrecen, and Miskolc and the University of Miskolc will jointly host the European University Games (EUG), which is the world’s most important university multi-sport event.

At the University of Debrecen, we don’t just talk about university sports, sport is not only included in the life of the university because of the compliance with various indicators, but we really think that sports and learning belong together

– said László Balogh.

The professor explained that the government provides a special resource of two and a half billion forints for physical education and sports at model-changing universities. In recent years, the University of Debrecen has been the best-performing institution in the list compiled based on the measurement system developed by the Hungarian University-University Sports Association. The director added: the institution could not be so successful without the city and cooperating partners.

After the welcome, the Outstanding Athlete of the University of Debrecen awards were presented. Established in 2006, this year thirty-three students received the recognition title (the list is attached at the end of the article).

You carry the good news of the University of Debrecen. They are role models for all of us, both in the university sphere and among athletes. They promised to study and play sports at a high level, and believe that this investment will pay off many times over in a few years

– stressed László Balogh.

At the event, seventeen students who were at the forefront of sports science research, 1st-3rd at the MEFOB, received certificates of recognition. 144 runners-up, as well as members of the women’s and men’s teams that performed excellently at the 3×3 European University Basketball Championship. In addition, the work of volunteers at the competitions was also rewarded.

The awardees were also greeted by József Gelei, who recalled his sports career and studies. The Olympic champion football player emphasized: that it is possible to combine studies and sports, but he also had to give up a lot of things for this. In return, as an athlete, he experienced so many joyous moments that are priceless. He added that even at the age of 85, movement is an important part of his life, and he still does sports regularly.

The list of outstanding athletes for 2023 is available here.


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