Delegation from Thailand at the University of Debrecen


The Krungthep delegation of the Rajamangala University of Technology discussed cooperation opportunities, primarily involving technical sciences, on Tuesday at the University of Debrecen. The Thai delegation also visited the institution’s Ótemető utca campus.

A delegation representing the Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep visited the University of Debrecen for the first time. The heads of the higher education institution in Bangkok were received by Károly Pető, general vice chancellor, Okszána Kiszil, director of coordination and strategy, and Orsolya Jánosy, head of the International Office, on September 19.

During the meeting, the members of the delegation got a comprehensive picture of the university’s training system, infrastructure, extensive international network, the unique four-helix innovation structure created around the institution, and its vision for the future.

With regard to the international community, it was said that more than 7,000 of the 30,000 students at the University of Debrecen are foreigners, from 133 countries around the world. 29 students from Thailand are currently studying here, the largest number in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of General Medicine.

Every new relationship is the beginning of development

– said Professor Suthep Butdee at the meeting. Rajamangala University of Technology researcher and consultant Krungthep added: the Bangkok higher education institution, which was founded in 2005 and primarily offers technological, engineering and natural science courses, is looking for contact with the University of Debrecen mainly in the field of robotics in order to broaden its cooperation network. Researchers from Debrecen are also invited to the RMUT’s international conference, which brings together specialists from 20 countries, planned for next year.

After learning about the detailed training structure of Bangkok University, Vice-Chancellor Károly Pető drew the attention of the members of the delegation to opportunities for cooperation in other areas, such as tourism and hospitality, sports science, recreation, and food safety and production. The parties agreed to further clarify the framework of cooperation.

The delegation of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep: Vice President Saichol Chudiuarjeen, Phatchani Srikhumsuk, Deputy Director of the Academic Support Center and Registration Office, and Professor Suthep Butdee also visited the Faculty of Technology’s Ótemető utca campus after the meeting with the university leaders.


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