Mobility Fair at the University of Debrecen: foreign scholarships within easy reach


Additional applications for the 2023/2024 academic year have been announced as part of the Erasmus+ program, with the support of which students of the University of Debrecen can travel abroad for part-time courses in the spring semester and for professional internships during the entire academic year. The application interface has been re-opened for lecturers and staff, said the XXV. at the opening of the Mobility Fair in the Main Building.

The purpose of the information event organized by the International Office and the Foreign Affairs Committee of DEHÖK is to present the wide range of foreign mobility scholarships that are available to all students and teachers of the University of Debrecen every year.

15 exhibitors participated in this year’s trade fair. In addition to the Erasmus program, they were able to learn about foreign scholarships and mobility opportunities provided by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), Campus France, Fulbright, Visegrad Fund, CEEPUS, ISEP programs and intergovernmental contracts, among others, in the main building.

The international embedding of the University of Debrecen is extremely important. Our institution has the largest international student community in the Carpathian Basin. In addition, it is also decisive that students, lecturers and researchers have the opportunity to maintain contacts abroad and gain international professional experience. The foreign contact system of the university’s lecturers and researchers is a basic condition for the development of the institution’s training. The Mobility Fair has been serving these goals for more than two decades

– said Bartha Elek, vice chancellor of education at the University of Debrecen, at the opening of the event on Wednesday.

At the event, in addition to the scholarship opportunities, the students could also find out about professional internships and language courses, and they could consult personally with representatives of various organizations.

The university’s multicultural environment and the Erasmus contact system built up over the past 25 years provide a solid background for the continuation of our mobility programs, including the Erasmus program. The University of Debrecen has active Erasmus contracts with more than 400 partner institutions for the program cycle between 2021-2027. We are currently operating from the 2022 Erasmus funds, which we supplement with state support to finance the ongoing travel of students. Everyone can find the ideal scholarship that supports their professional development in the organizations’ offer, which is why we encourage everyone to apply

– added Orsolya Jánosy, head of the International Office.

Additional autumn application opportunities announced by the International Office are available at the links below. The submission of applications for professional internships is continuous, while the deadline for applications for academic, teaching and training purposes is October 1.

Student study application.

Student internship.

Teaching application.

Training application for employees.

25th Mobility Fair at the University of Debrecen


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