Mentors help you study chemistry at the University of Debrecen


The Chemistry Coordination Institute of the University of Debrecen is launching a Learning Methodology Mentoring Program in chemistry. With this, they want to help students who encountered difficulties during their chemistry studies, or who need to develop their learning technique and perfect their learning strategy. 

The Chemistry Coordination Institute’s Learning Methodology Mentoring Program is primarily aimed at students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, as well as the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management, but applicants are also welcome from the Faculty of Pharmacy and General Medicine. In this academic year, they can accept a total of 32 students in four groups. The dates of the consultations and the group schedules are created taking into account the number and needs of the applicants.

Among other things, the program will deal with topics such as effective learning techniques, developing the competence of highlighting the essence, problem-solving thinking, and oral and written exams. Individual consultation is also possible.

Learning motivation, or the lack of it, receives special attention in the everyday discourse of those who practice education professionally. Our goal is to introduce students to learning tools and methods that can be used easily, quickly and simply. Our university has a long tradition of mentoring younger students. However, the current program specifically focuses on helping the students participating in chemistry-related courses to prepare effectively, Péter Nagy, university professor and director of the Chemistry Coordination Institute, told

Enikő Silyéné Madarasi and Judit Hanna Csupász-Szabó are methodical teacher-mentors who help those who feel that they have shortcomings in the method of learning the course material. Both mentors are employees of the Institute of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen.

The sessions will be held at several locations (Learning Center, Main building – library, Chemistry Coordination Institute), and the mentors will also show the students lesser-known university locations suitable for learning. There will also be online sessions during the exam period.


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