A new method for more effective drugs has been developed at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen


The effectiveness of some drugs could be significantly improved with the help of the new method developed at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen. Thanks to the solution, it may be possible to develop therapies that promote faster recovery of patients. The article summarizing the results of the researchers was recognized with a Publication Award by the foundation that maintains the university.

In 2016, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen began to modify a drug carrier. In the course of the research, the formulation and delivery of the active ingredients of medicines given in the case of cardiovascular diseases, as well as problems caused by viruses and bacteria, which are exerted and absorbed in the stomach or the anterior part of the small intestine, were investigated.

The modification of the drug carrier should be imagined as if we were to implant a molecule in a car and give this car properties that can significantly improve the molecule’s arrival at its destination

– explained Ádám Haimhoffer, assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Technology.

The research was directed by Ferenc Fenyvesi, head of the Department of Molecular and Nanopharmaceuticals of the Faculty of Pharmacy, in addition to Ádám Haimhoffer, Gábor Vasvári, assistant professor of the Pharmaceutical Technology Department.

The method, which is considered a novelty in pharmaceuticals, was patented in 2018, and thanks to the support received from the Univesity of Debrecen, the researchers continued their work. They built a device suitable for the continuous production of the material, and then proved its effectiveness in animal experiments.

 By further developing batch or batch production technology, foaming was also achieved with equipment suitable for continuous production. The auxiliary materials are converted into an ointment consistency and gases are dispersed in it. Then it foams and solidifies at room temperature. The preparation has both a foamy and a hard structure, which is able to float in the stomach on top of the gastric juice. Thanks to this, it empties slowly from the stomach, so it achieves a better efficiency

– Ádám Haimhoffer explained the process.

The teaching assistant also reported to hirek.unideb.hu that the research is still ongoing, but in new directions.

The fruitful research work carried out at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen was recognized with the Publication Award of the István István Debrecen University Foundation. The first author of last year’s scientific article summarizing the results is Ádám Haimhoffer, the study can be accessed by clicking here.


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