The Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen rewarded its employees for outstanding patient care


The Clinical Center’s Outstanding Worker Award was presented. On the occasion of Hungarian Nurses’ Day, eight professionals received recognition for their high-quality and exemplary professional work at the ceremony held at the University of Debrecen on Monday. At the festive event, the President’s Medal of Honor was awarded and chief medical officers were appointed.

February 19 is the anniversary of the birth of Zsuzsanna Kossuth, our country’s first female head nurse, and is also Hungarian Nurses’ Day. In the course of her exemplary activities, the head nurse introduced a patient care system that can be considered unique in the whole of Europe, thus making a permanent mark for her profession and deservedly becoming a symbolic figure of institutional patient care – stressed Zoltán Szabó, president of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen, vice chancellor in his celebratory speech. He added that order, punctuality, discipline, empathy and humility towards the needy are the eternal values that characterized Zsuzsanna Kossuth’s steady and persistent activity and serve as a guide for both present and future generations.

You, preserving the legacy of your great predecessor, set an example every day and act for the recovery of patients. However, with their professional awareness and outstanding human and professional role, they not only provide high-quality care for patients, but also enrich the reputation of our clinics and our university, as well as the domestic and international reputation

– pointed out Zoltán Szabó, president of the Clinical Center and vice-rector.

The professor emphasized that the specialists, together with the specialists of the Clinical Center and all their colleagues, provide a rock-solid foundation for the stable operation of the university’s patient care system, which is indispensable for the full performance of patient care at the regional level, according to the highest progressiveness, and the related teaching and research activities.

The period behind us brought unprecedented challenges and sometimes obstacles, the successful overcoming of which and the achievement of the outstanding results of our institution would not have been possible without your commitment, professional, moral support and self-sacrificing role. Highlighting and acknowledging their self-sacrificing work in combating the coronavirus epidemic, I am also happy to report that the most significant structural transformation of our Clinical Center in its more than one-hundred-year history has been successfully completed, with which the Clinical Center – now including three campuses – it has almost 3,500 patient beds, more than 7,000 with the contribution of its employees, it has become one of the most decisive health institutions in the Central European region

– explained Professor Zoltán Szabó.

After the celebratory speech, in recognition of their outstanding professional work, eight specialists received the Clinical Center’s Outstanding Worker Award and Award.

The president of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen presented a Presidential Medal of Honor to Gábor Ladányi, the retired chief pharmacist of the Kenézy Gyula Campus Pharmacy. In the award, it was highlighted that Gábor Ladányi optimized and improved the supply of medicines to patients during his 32 years at the institution, in addition to managing the pharmacy, during his work as a teacher, many healthcare workers, pharmacy assistants and specialist assistants acquired the knowledge of drug efficacy through him. In 2015, he was awarded the Kenézy prize, and in 2019, he was awarded the title of Outstanding Employee of the University of Debrecen, and he received a Presidential Certificate of Merit at Monday’s ceremony.

At the ceremony, Zoltán Szabó, the president of the Clinical Center, awarded the title of deputy rector chief clinical physician to ten specialists of the Clinical Center, who perform outstanding, nationally known and recognized activities in the field of patient care. In the past decades, in addition to their in-depth knowledge of their field, the introduction, adoption and extensive presentation of new procedures, they have contributed and are currently contributing to the realization of the objectives and organizational development of the Clinical Center through their exemplary and committed professional work.


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