The University of Debrecen Negotiated With a Bangladeshi Delegation


A delegation from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and its permanent representation in Vienna visited the University of Debrecen and discussed the possibilities of increasing the number of Bangladeshi students. The diplomats also visited the Technical Faculty.

Currently, 123 Bangladeshi students are studying at the University of Debrecen, the largest number of them in the English-language courses of the Faculty of Engineering, Information Technology, Natural Sciences and Technology, and the Faculty of Pharmacy, and 9 are participating in doctoral training. In the last ten years, in addition to the USA, Canada, Australia and India, more and more young people from Bangladesh are choosing Europe as the scene of their higher education studies, many are coming to Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. However, the demand would be much greater in our country of 170 million inhabitants, which is well exemplified by the fact that 2,000 people applied for the one hundred quotas of the Stipendium Hungaricum program – reported.

Asad Alam Siam, Ambassador of the Embassy and Permanent Representation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Vienna . The diplomat was received by Károly Pető, general vice chancellor, and Okszána Kiszil, director of coordination and strategy, at the institution last Friday.

At the meeting, Ambassador Asad Alam Siam and Chancellor Tanvir Ahmad Torophder got to know in detail the University of Debrecen’s unique wide range of training, its research, infrastructural and international relations system, as well as the history of the institution during a walk through the Main Building. The architect-educated ambassador and his colleague also visited the university’s Faculty of Technology. They had a meeting with the heads of the faculty, agreed on training and research collaborations, and also got a comprehensive picture of the current research projects in the various laboratories of the Ótemető street campus. Asad Alam Siam and Tanvir Ahmad Torophder also met the students of the Faculty of Engineering. The program was concluded by the delegation at Pharma Flight, the Department of Aeronautical Engineering of the institution, where they got to know the practical conditions of Professional pilot training in detail, including the Boeing and Airbus simulators.

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