A cooperation agreement was concluded with the Faculty of Engineering and the Hungarian-owned ACPM IT Tanácsadó Zrt.


In connection with the fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of Things came to the fore, which means identifiable electronic devices that can communicate with another device on an Internet-based network. These can also be found in our homes, so great emphasis must be placed on the security of our digital data and devices, in which area so-called internet crimes with malicious intent can also occur.

Audit Consulting Project Management of ACPM IT Tanácsadó Zrt. deals with this area, i.e. cyber security, on whose behalf Csaba Erdei signed a cooperation agreement with Géza Husi, dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen. The parties called the partnership a great honor.

The capital-based company has serious international references, since in addition to Vienna and Budapest, they also have interests in the Middle and Far East and Africa. Among others, they are affiliated with Kenya’s largest private university. The head of the company, who by the way is from Debrecen and jokingly answered the question why, that in addition to the impressive development of Debrecen, “he was looking for a reason to finally be able to come home to Debrecen.”

In addition, the university’s foreign students have the opportunity to complete their summer internship at one of ACPM’s partner companies in another country. After the ceremonial signing of the contract, both parties envision successful cooperation in the future.

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