Rector’s presentation at Atomexpo


Rector Zoltán Szilvássy held an online lecture on the University of Debrecen industrial cooperation at the XIII. Atomexpo International Forum. Specialists from more than 24 countries participated in the two-day professional conference organized in Sochi. At the HRD meeting of Atomexpo 2024, the current issues of industry and higher education were discussed under the title “International university-industry projects: from theory to practice”.

In his presentation, the rector said that the University of Debrecen is the largest higher education institution in Hungary, which has many industrial connections.

The so-called quadruple helix innovation system around the University of Debrecen has four legs: in addition to industry and the university, municipalities and financial institutions contribute. This unique system in Debrecen can show such special results as, for example, that we are the only Hungarian university to have an industrial park with a production plant

– reported Zoltán Szilvássy, and then he touched on the excellent partnership between the institution and BMW, which is reflected in the education, innovation, production and human resources, and talked about agreements with Chinese battery industry partners.

He also drew attention to the importance of the health industry, which is also dominant in the fields of service, research and production in the life of the university. But cooperation between the institution and various companies can also be found in the food industry, agriculture, biotechnology, or even genomics, he added.

The rector also mentioned the cooperation between the University of Debrecen and Rosatom, highlighting its role in the development of isotope diagnostics and radiation therapy.

Our university therefore not only cooperates with industries but also integrates into the international network of huge companies. The various agreements are very decisive, thanks to them we appear not only as a university but also as a central player in several industry clusters

– explained Zoltán Szilvássy.

At the meeting, Valery Karezin also talked about nuclear education on behalf of Rosatom, emphasizing the importance of industrial and university collaborations. There was also talk of higher education-industry collaborations involving geology and mining, the synergy of science and business as a condition for the success of national strategic development, and the market effects of collaborations.


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