Inauguration of new doctors at the University of Debrecen – video


General doctors were inaugurated at the University of Debrecen on Friday. More than 140 new Hungarian and international graduates from the Faculty of Medicine took their oaths and received their diplomas at the ceremony.

In his festive speech, László Mátyus, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Debrecen, emphasized that the new graduates can be proud of acquiring their knowledge and medical degrees from one of the largest and most prestigious universities and medical faculties in the country.

“You have chosen a beautiful profession. Helping suffering people. Can there be a nobler goal than this? As a parting message, let me encourage you that you possess the modern knowledge that enables you to meet the high expectations placed on doctors. However, in this festive moment, I must remind you that meeting these expectations is not easy; it requires constant learning and self-improvement. I wish you the joy of healing and that you become doctors in the truest sense of the word,”

– added the dean.

At the ceremony, sixty-nine Hungarian and seventy-seven international students who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine took their oaths and received their diplomas.

“You now must uphold the prestige of your hard-earned profession with your scientific pursuits, and to promote the growth and flourishing of your specialized field and the University of Debrecen, which has now welcomed you into the ranks of its medical doctors, thereby significantly advancing the welfare of our country. In the difficult moments of your life and professional work, remember the medical oath you have just taken,”

– said László Csernoch, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs.

Awards were also presented at the ceremony. Tímea Balla, a newly inaugurated medical doctor, received the Rector’s Commendation Certificate for her work on behalf of the university. Fourteen students received DETEP certificates in recognition of their activities in the Debrecen University Talent Management Program (Noémi Gacsályi, Gréta Garami, Anna Józsa, Barbara Kozma, Olivér Lampé, Dávid Pásztor, Péter Rab, Eszter Szakszon, Andreeska Marija, Bradnick Carolyn Helen Grant, Ebeid Rana Abdelsattar Mansour, Mustafa Heba Yousef Hussein, Vietrov Tymur, Zohar Peleg).

Gábor Bóta Botond and Noémi Gacsályi received certificates of recognition for their excellent fulfillment of their commitments in the Sántha Kálmán College’s training program.

Based on the recommendations of the Academic Committee and the faculty students, the faculty council awarded the Pro Facultate Iuventutis Prize to two newly inaugurated medical doctors for their outstanding academic and community activities (Tímea Balla, Tymur Vietrov). The DEHÖK Presidential Commendation was awarded to Tímea Balla and Anna Beatrix Mihalkó, while the Student Union President’s and Vice President’s Commendation was awarded to Tymur Vietrov.


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