Mythical Beauties at the Zoo’s Scent Garden

A genus within the amaryllis family, daffodils (Narcissus) are known as the heralds of spring, cultivated by Ancient Greeks for their fragrant oil. The scientific name Narcissus derives from the Greek mythological figure of the same name who falls in love with his own reflection as well as the Greek word for “narcotic” or “intoxicating” […]

Rare and Flamboyant New Arrivals at the zoo

Although still closed to visitors, our collection is currently seeing growth from both the spring baby-boom and animal transfers. Our newest residents are two Himalayan monals – a species pretty rare even in throughout Europe and one we have never kept before. Transferred from DierenPark Amersfoort (the Netherlands), the flamboyant males now reside in an aviary […]