The poet Tamás Kiss was remembered in Debrecen


Since 2004, the memory of Tamás Kiss – the founder of the magazine Alföld, József Attila Prize-winning poet – has been preserved by a relief in the middle of the Gambrinus, which has been wreathed by his admirers every year on his birthday, September 5.

Deputy Mayor István Puskás said on the occasion that the only chance that Tamas Kiss and this era of Debrecen’s literary history, which is also marked by the Alföld, will be remembered decades later, is if we get together from time to time and pass on this tradition and memory. to the next generation.

As he said, it is very important to mark important places in the history of the city with plaques, because this is the essence of remembrance. – But in order for these memories to remain alive in this community, we need to get together from time to time in person, so that this era of Debrecen’s literary history is remembered not only by literary historians and the science of history but also by us, the community of the city – he emphasized.

The deputy mayor drew attention to the fact that the Térey Book Festival will start next week, during which János Térey, who died in 2019, will be remembered at his birthplace, in front of Kétmalom utca 17, on September 14, at 5 p.m. The family, the Debrecen City Municipality, the Déri Museum and the representatives of the Alföld magazine laid wreaths and flowers at the relief of Tamás Kiss – informed Magdolna Szilágyi, press officer of the Debrecen municipality.

(Debreceni Nap)

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