There are regular morning traffic jams between Mikepércs and Debrecen

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On the road section between Mikepércs and Debrecen, there are regular morning traffic jams due to the road renovation works – Mikepércs resident Andrea Pintye draws the attention of the Debrecen city administration with a petition.

“Those going from Mikepércs to Debrecen encountered traffic difficulties even before the road renovation works, and the alternative routes were all busy before. It is difficult for us to get to the institutions where our children have to arrive on time,” explains the petition’s initiator. He adds that the 45-60 minute waiting time due to the traffic lights is a serious challenge in their daily routine.

The road renovation is obviously necessary and we support the development of the infrastructure, we are grateful for it, however, we ask the Debrecen city government to take all necessary steps to ensure that road construction does NOT lead to even longer journeys compared to the previous state of constant traffic jams in the morning hours with travel time to get to Debrecen

– reads the invitation.

“In order to remedy the problem, we ask the Debrecen city government to take measures to minimize traffic disruptions as soon as possible! Please investigate the possibility of optimizing the traffic lights during the renovation and also after the renovation work is completed! Consider the possibility of diverting traffic with the help of the police!” – the organizer of the signature collection asks the Debrecen city administration.

(Debreceni Nap)

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