The forint strengthened on Monday morning


The forint strengthened against the major currencies in international foreign exchange trading on Monday.

The euro was quoted at HUF 362.32, the dollar at HUF 295.77 and the Swiss franc at HUF 334.74 on Monday morning at three-quarters of eight on the interbank market. Compared to the initial quotation of global trade on Monday, the forint strengthened by 0.19 percent against the euro, 0.32 percent against the dollar and 0.11 percent against the Swiss franc.

The euro ended 2020 at 362.45 forints, weakening by 9.5 percent against the euro last year. The year-end quotation of USD 296.77 corresponds to a 0.4 percent weakening of the forint. The Swiss franc stood at HUF 335.14 at the end of the year, showing a 9.9 percent weakening of the forint.

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