Vitesco Technologies’ plant in Debrecen will create 450 new jobs


Vitesco Technologies’ plant, built in Debrecen with an investment of 100 million euros (approximately 36 billion forints), has started operating in Debrecen, which is planned to create 450 jobs by mid-2022, said the company owned by the Continental Group.

The 7,000-square-meter plant, equipped with self-driving robots and intelligent systems, will produce automotive electronics and transmission sensors. The products can be used by any drive system, from fully electric to electrified internal combustion engines, they wrote.

Employees will participate in a mentoring and qualification program at the company’s training center for the first 6 months, he added.

The CEO of the German automotive company said the investment was justified by market needs. Andreas Wolf emphasized that there is a growing demand for efficient and clean drive technology, and the plant in Debrecen will help to meet this. According to the announcement, the investment will strengthen the company’s international position and Hungary’s global automotive role.

The cornerstone of Vitesco Technologies’ plant in Debrecen was laid in September 2018 in the city’s southern industrial park.


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