According to the Director of BMW Group Debrecen, the Future of BMW is Being Written in Debrecen


Hans-Peter Kemser, director of the BMW Group Factory in Debrecen, recently gave a television interview. According to Kemser, Debrecen will be the model plant of the German automotive concern iFACTORY, and it will be BMW’s first factory unit where the NEUE KLASSE models with pure electric drive will be produced and where fossil energy is not used.

In the television interview, Hans-Peter Kemser said that the factory had already reached its highest point during construction. The event was commemorated with a special ceremony, and now the interior work has also begun. Currently, they are working on the largest building of the factory, the painting plant, which will be 451 meters long and 28 meters high, and where they will start installing the equipment this week.

In addition to the painting plant, several smaller units have already been completed, such as the press plant, where steel production will take place in the future, but the structure building department, the body polishing workshop and the assembly hall are also finished. The construction of the battery assembly plant announced last November is also underway, and the recruitment of workers has already begun.

In March of this year, the BMW factory in Debrecen already had 200 employees, and by the end of 2023 they want to hire another 400 employees in 70 different positions. Many of the 200 workers who have already been hired are from Debrecen, but several came from various settlements in Eastern Hungary, and even from abroad.


The company will have its own health center

A health center is already operating in the BMW factory in Debrecen, although for the time being only in a temporary location. According to Hans-Peter Kemser, employees are the most important for BMW, which is why there is a health center in each of their plants, where, among other things, hearing and vision tests are available for employees, but they can also ask for nutritional advice in the center. In addition to the health center, the BMW plant also has its own firefighting team.

Dual training is launched in cooperation with the local vocational training center

With the participation of 100 students, in September 2023, BMW will launch its own dual training in cooperation with the vocational training center in Debrecen. The students will be able to gain an insight into the operation of the factory and learn about the different work processes. Hans-Peter Kemser also said that knowledge of English language is essential in some positions, but of course there are also jobs available at BMW – for example in the repair shop – where language knowledge is not necessary.


Test production is planned for the end of next year

If it works without any errors during the test run, production of the new generation NEUE KLASSE will begin in Debrecen in 2025. The new generation car will also be suitable for self-driving.

Sustainability, environmental protection and biodiversity are of utmost importance to BMW, so they will save energy during production and rely only on electricity. One third of the required energy source will be produced in the factory area, while the rest will be purchased from green energy sources. In addition, a solar park is created on an area of ​​30 hectares, rainwater is stored, fruit trees are planted, and compared to their plants in Germany, energy consumption in Debrecen is reduced by half, and carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced by 95%.

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