Interview with the president of the Tündérkör Foundation, an organization that is preparing for a big launch

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Many times we don’t even realize how lucky we are. We have a place to live, we have food, we have a family, we are healthy. Unfortunately, this is not given to everyone. It is especially sad when it comes to children in a bad situation. The Tündérkör Foundation in Debrecen tries to help them. But why not help if we can? You don’t have to think about big things. Many little things can work wonders together!

The period of offering 1% of personal income tax is approaching. What are you planning to use the money for this year?

The Tündérkör Foundation (tax number: 18658024-1-09) uses the entire amount received from 1% of the SZJA – I would like to emphasize once again that the entire amount – is for the purchase of durable food. We continuously deliver donations to those in need.

By the way, this covers roughly ten percent of the donation distributed throughout the year. We can finance the remaining part from additional contributions.

Soon there will again be a Fairy Run in conjunction with Children’s Day. What did you prepare?

We are organizing the event for the eighth time this year, on May 28, 2023, we are waiting for the participants at the F1 brick go-kart track. We are preparing a lot of children’s programs. In addition to the run, there will be a bouncy castle, face painting, glitter tattoos, distribution of sweets, and crafts, but you will also be able to view the cars on display. Anyone can participate in these programs, regardless of whether or not they start a distance.

More information about the event is available on the foundation’s website. It is also worth keeping an eye on our Facebook page, as we will publish the latest information there in the event of a rainy day.

Who are you waiting for at the Fairy Run?

Everyone! We will have four distances: 500 meters (‘TündiBündi’ distance), as well as 3500, 7000, and 10500 meters. These distances can of course be walked, even with a dog or a wheelchair.

The point here is not running, but participation and cooperation.

‘TündiBündi’ distance?

Yes, for those who would not run, but still want to take part, we recommend this 500-meter length. According to our experience, many healthy and sick children also start this.

What do you spend the income on?

This is a charity event, so you will be able to donate on the spot. A certain part of the amount received will be distributed to a poor family of our choice, and the rest will be reserved for later applicants for aid.

I can’t even imagine what you encounter every day. How are you doing mentally?

There are a lot of miserable fates. We see this regularly, it remains on our hearts. It is increasingly difficult, because the more people we meet in difficult situations, the more serious mental pain it causes us.

Can you save everyone?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot save everyone, and we cannot save everyone, no matter how much we want to. It’s really just a mirage, but we know that very well.

Are you able to offer help in finding a job, or in finding housing?
Unfortunately, we cannot help you with finding a job or housing, because we simply do not have the time. Everyone has a civilian job with the foundation. The Tündérkör Foundation is really a project of love.

Are volunteers willing to join?

Yes, many people want to volunteer with us, but only a few can, because their working hours or schedules do not always allow it. We usually move four to five people continuously in a month, but more people are available if necessary. For the Fairy Run, for example, we will have 120 volunteers.

In addition to donations, how can you support people in difficult circumstances? Can you say encouraging words in hopeless situations?

To the extent necessary, we can give professional advice, since several of us have social pedagogic qualifications, but some of us are also lawyers. If I need to pour a soul into someone, I usually tell them where I come from, who I am, and what I understood as a child, and this usually gives strength to fallen people, because they see that it is possible to get up from the mud. It feels good to be able to say things to people in a hopeless situation that can give them strength.

Anyone who needs help can reach us via all kinds of channels, by email, phone, Messenger, and SMS. We also try to respond quickly to inquiries.

What offerings do you currently need and what are you constantly waiting for?

First of all, we like it when companies come to us with services. We gladly accept dry, long-lasting food, toiletries, and sweets bought in the store, as well as monetary donations.

How can the donations be delivered to you?

On the page, the “Would you donate?” tab, you will find all the necessary information for those who want to help people in need. It is possible to pay by bank card, transfer, or, if you prefer, to make a cash contribution at our events. The foundation is a public benefit organization, so companies can also reduce their tax base by issuing certificates of donations.

Would a small amount be fine? Many people may fear that they will be ridiculed with a HUF 1,000 donation.

Yes, the small amount is also useful. The foundation does not have a lot of monetary donations, but it usually comes together from HUF 1,000-2,000 donations. No one can become ridiculous with a donation of a thousand forints! The intention is the point. Giving away a thousand forints out of ten thousand forints is a much bigger thing than ten thousand out of a hundred million.


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