On average, banking in Hungary may become more expensive by 18 percent


Bank fees can increase by the rate of last year’s annual inflation – writes index.hu.

According to Péter Gergely, the financial expert of Biztosdontes.hu, it is not mandatory, but banks must raise their fees.

They also have to pay more and more for IT costs, bank taxes, transaction fees

– Péter Gergely informed RTL.

Those who do not have a regular income can choose basic services, the fees of which are tied to the minimum wage (0.5 percent of it), but since the minimum wage was raised twice last year, their fees may be more expensive than average.

This year, unfortunately, this may increase by 33 percent. Some banks have already announced that from February and March, instead of the HUF 1,000 monthly fee, a monthly fee of HUF 1,300 is expected,” said Péter Gergely.

According to expert, even tens of thousands of forints can be saved a year with some care.

According to the Central Bank, hundreds of thousands of customers spend more than HUF 20,000 per year on SMS messages that could be replaced by free push messages sent to phones.

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