Boeing has announced what steps it would take to prevent future problems with its planes


Boeing will conduct additional quality checks on the 737 MAX, the company said after a door ripped off an Alaska Airlines plane earlier this month – as announced on the page.

The company also said that it would send a separate team to Spirit AeroSystems, the supplier of the affected door, to inspect and approve their work. According to Boeing’s promise, it will also hold special sessions for workers on quality management. An external partner company will be involved in an independent evaluation of the production process, reports Reuters.

The move was decided after the American Civil Aviation Authority further extended the ban on 171 MAX 9 flights – for an indefinite period. Only after 40 aircraft have been inspected will the agency review the results and decide whether the MAX 9s can fly again.

The supplier, Spirit, also said it would open its manufacturing facilities not just to Boeing, but to all of its customers to reassure them that everything is fine with its products.

Picture: illustration.

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