A man tried to steal three cars in one night in Debrecen


According to the indictment, on the evening of March 20, 2022, the perpetrator arrived in Debrecen from his residence in a neighboring county in his car, accompanied by an acquaintance and her dog. They parked near the city center and started walking the dog. After a while, the woman got back into the car with her pet. The man took some tools from the vehicle to steal wheels from cars parked nearby.

Around four o’clock in the morning, the accused approached a vehicle parked on the street and started unscrewing two of its wheels. After removing ten screws, he changed his mind and left, but took the screws with him. That morning, the owner’s wife got into the car with their small child, but as soon as it started to move, the right wheel fell off the axle and the body of the vehicle fell to the asphalt. The passengers in the car were not injured, but the defendant endangered the physical integrity of the passengers with his actions.

The man wanted to go home after the attempted theft, but he couldn’t find his parked car, so he decided to break into a vehicle and go home with it. The perpetrator also tried to take three cars, which he tried to get into by breaking the windows and prying open the door. He could not take the vehicles, but he damaged them in several places.

The Debrecen police arrested and detained the man based on a public report. During the investigation, it was established that the defendant caused a total of HUF 470,000 (approx. 1252.56 EUR) worth of vandalism damage to the car owners, which was not repaid, the victims requested payment for their damages.

The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the man, who is defending himself at large and admitting his crime, with 3 counts of attempted crime of arbitrarily taking a vehicle and misdemeanor vandalism, as well as attempted theft and committing a crime against traffic safety. In his indictment for issuing a criminal sentence, he proposed that the District Court of Debrecen impose a suspended prison sentence on the accused and oblige him to compensate the victims, and confiscate the tools used to commit the crime.


Picture: police.hu

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