Fatalities and horrific destruction in the wake of the tornado in the Czech Republic


By Friday evening, our country will also be hit by the cold front, which has caused severe damage in the southern part of the Czech Republic and, unfortunately, there have been fatalities.

A tornado accompanied by hail destroyed Thursday night in South Moravia, injuring at least 150 people and causing massive material damage, Czech Public Service Television (CT24) reported. “The tornado also claimed lives, but the number of casualties cannot be specified yet,” said Hedvika Kropácková, a spokeswoman for the South Moravian Ambulance Service.

He said that ambulances had begun searching the damaged houses and more likely numbers could only be said in the morning. According to CT24, the death toll is still below ten.

The front, which sweeps away the Czech Republic, will reach Hungary on Friday evening, and for the time being, a second-degree danger signal is in force due to the severe thunderstorms in the following counties:



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