The church in Álmosd was renovated with EU money

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A renovated church was inaugurated in Álmosd, and the community house next to the church and the parish could be beautified within the framework of the Rural Development Program, the county government said. On June 20, there was the handover ceremony, with which the third church was consecrated. As part of the tender won by the Greek Catholic Parish of Álmosd, the churches of Kokad and Bagamér have also become more modern. In Sleepy, the renovated buildings were consecrated by Metropolitan Father Philip at the Episcopal Holy Liturgy.

Within the framework of the approximately HUF 44 million investment financed by EU funds, thermal insulation was carried out, the roof structure was renewed, new doors and windows were installed, and the electrical system was also modernized by specialists, supplemented with solar panels.

Photo: Álmosdi Greek Catholic Parish


Hajdú-Bihar County Local Government

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