Not even the rain could deter food lovers on the opening day of the Gourmet Festival in Budapest

The Gourmet Festival is held again in Budapest between May 24 and May 26, the most renowned event for gastronomy enthusiasts. The theme of the festival this year was “Inspiring Women.” In previous years, there were similar conceptual categories, such as “Heritage” or “New Generation.”

The country’s largest tasting event, the Gourmet Festival, will start soon

The role of women is becoming more and more visible and decisive in gastronomy, this is emphasized this year by the most popular event of the Hungarian gastro scene, the MBH Bank Gourmet Festival, between May 24-26, at Millenáris in Budapest. This time, the “walking country tasting” draws heavily from the Hungarian culinary offer: excellent […]

Flavors and cultures in one place – International Food Day in Debrecen

Those interested can taste the food and drinks of many international cuisines on this year’s International Food Day. On Friday, May 3, at the north gate of the Nagyerdei Stadium, in the square in front of the Hall, thirty teams can choose from almost a hundred dishes at the gastronomic event organized for the 17th […]