New, premium category tropical fish in Hungary

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A Hungarian consortium of five developed a technology based on the usage of geothermal water supply in order to breed barramundi, a tropical fish that is indigenous in Southeast Asia. Experts see great potentials in breeding this premium category species in Hungary.

The main goal of the program is the diversification of the “carp-oriented” Hungarian fish farming by breeding new species. During the 4-year long project, the group of researchers from Debrecen is developing the technique of keeping and feeding barramundi and also that of progeny care. It is the warm water available in large quantities they use for rearing barramundi. Barramundi meat is fish-bone free and of high quality which make it very popular and more and more expensive. Currently the retail price of barramundi is 2700-2800 HUF per kilogram. Grown-ups can weigh up to 60 kilograms.
Source: MTI

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