Motorcycle Santa Clauses put smiles on the faces of passers-by in Debrecen

Local News

Armed with decorated motorcycles and gifts, motorcycle Santas surprised both adults and children in Hajdúsámson and Debrecen on Friday, December 8.

In 2005, when we started Motorcycle Santa Clauses, we set ourselves the goal of putting together many, many Santa Claus packages with the help of private individuals and taking them to sick children, to bring many smiles to their faces even when they are lying in the intensive care unit. or they receive some kind of treatment, and even if only for a little while, we can make them forget the pain. The gifts also went to doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers this year, who are always surprised and ask if they were good children this year. The answer, of course, is a Santa package

– writes one of the organizers in the Motorcycle Santa Facebook group.

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