Five Key Ingredients for Success

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The American Corner Debrecen presents “Five Key Ingredients for a Successful Business Career”.

21 November 2013, Thursday



What are the ways in which a business person today can get to the top of their game? These five key Ingredients are important reminders of what really matters in business to help achieve success. Each point will be illuminated with Power Point slides and examples of successful young entrepreneurs. To briefly summarize, a business leader today will find that every successful career is built around five key ingredients:

  1. Cultivating a love of people because people are your greatest asset;
  2. Professionalism, or in short, being really good at what you do;
  3. Great communication or how to relate to people;
  4. Offering value, that is, offer the best in services, products, performance or price, and lastly;
  5. Giving back to your community as a matter of practice.

We will unpack each of these five areas to show practical insights and to show why these principles will make a difference in your business career.

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