Parties for Tonight, 15 November

Party Zone

Mix Club: Free Friday

Butiq: Girls’ Night

White Angel: Retro Party

Tequila Bar: Karaoke Night with Sunny

Loft: Funky Friday

Műv Club: Elegante Night

Vision: Hello Autumn!

Kalóz Pub: Friday Night with liqueur promotions

Exit Bar: Friday Party with liqueur promotions

Batthyány Borozó: Friday Night with liqueur promotions

Neon City & Garden: Neon Retro Party

Chicago Club: Retro Party

Roncs Bar: Ocho Macho and Honeybeast concerts

Bisztró Bar: Friday Party with Sanyi Móricz

Bakelit Music Café: Friday Party

Bárka Music Pub: Friday Party

My Friends Club: Dave & Chocolate

Dharma Club: Follow The Water, Headstock, Testify and Downstream concerts


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