The first part of buses and trolleys in Debrecen will be closed

Local News

We will close the right and left front seats behind the driver’s cab, and designate a protection zone next to the driver’s cab from the start of operation on November 23, DKV announced.

In the first wave of the epidemic, in order to protect the health of our drivers, who are at increased risk of infection, we closed the front door and suspended ticket sales on the vehicle.

Following consultations with our company’s trade unions, as a result of the intensification of the epidemic, we are reintroducing protection measures on buses and trolleybuses in order to reduce the risk of our drivers becoming ill, the company said in a statement.

Passengers are required to be in the passenger compartment after the first row of seats, within the red marking on the floor of the vehicle, during their journey, thus ensuring that drivers are kept at a distance.

Front-door boarding as well as ticketing will continue to be provided for passengers, however, it is forbidden to be in the driver’s cab while traveling from Monday.

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