“Patrons” of the New Study Rooms at LSL

House, M.D., Elliot Reid, M.D., Cristina Yang, M.D., Dr. Bones, and Dr. Strange, the latter well-known from the Marvel universe – the personal belongings of these imaginary patrons and movie characters make the five new study rooms of the Life Sciences Library (LSL) unique.

In summer, with the involvement of students and teachers, the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen (DEENK) carried out a vote to decide about the movie characters that would determine the designs of the five new study rooms. More than 1,000 votes were submitted through the social media pages of the library.

Following the vote, the design process started, and the study rooms were completed by the beginning of the academic year.

Students apparently like the unique designs of the rooms, where they can book places online as well at https://lib.unideb.hu/hu/tanuloszoba-foglalasa.

The new study rooms are decorated with photos and posters of their respective movie characters, completed with objects associated with them. DEENK used its own resources to finance the works.

Press Office – unideb.hu

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