Surveillance cameras scan the renovated residential park

Local News

Three surveillance cameras have been installed in the Hajdúnánás housing estate these days. The equipment was installed as part of the final works of the renewed Ady Endre Residential Park -published on the municipality’s website-.

From spring, residents can resume their daily outdoor activities in a completely renewed and beautified environment. To keep it that way, three surveillance cameras were put into operation these days by experts in the interior of the housing estate, which operate around the clock.

The images from the camera are sent to a center set up by the municipality, where the recorded videos can be tracked and retrieved. Here, volunteers from the Civil Guard Association and public space inspectors work for the safety of this environment.

In Hajdúnánás, criminals have been overthrown several times with the help of surveillance cameras. In addition, these “eyes” have a good effect on general well-being. These cameras can also improve the public’s sense of security. In many other cases, they have already helped to detect riots and crimes, emphasized József Nyeste, vice-president of the Hajdúnánás Civil Guard Association.

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