A motorcyclist was hit with a toaster in Debrecen

Local News

A discarded toaster hit a biker late Saturday night in Debrecen, on the Faraktár street overpass. The young man told RTL Híradó that his girlfriend was also sitting behind him when a small machine, presumably thrown out of one of the upstairs flats, slammed into his helmet. The biker said it was due to his routine that he hadn’t had a serious accident.

The man said he could no longer dodge the flying object that first hit the engine and bounced off his helmet. At that moment, he didn’t even realize what had happened. They realized what they were going through when they walked back to look around.

The biker has not filed a complaint yet, but is considering going into the police station. Locals are said to be bothered by the noise of the busy road, but perhaps throwing objects at people is not the best solution against annoyance.



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