Tragedy in Hajdúhadház: two people have died in an apartment fire

Local News

On Sunday afternoon, shortly before a quarter to four, firefighters in Hajdúböszörmény were alerted to Hajdúhadház, one of the family houses in the Szárkút vineyard, where a twenty-five-square-meter room caught fire, the disaster management said. Eight firefighters arrived at the scene with two vehicles.

Furnishings had burned in the room before, and two people had been taken out of the fire-affected room, but their lives could no longer be saved.

Firefighters searched the building, extinguishing the glowing, smoldering parts.

The cause and conditions of the fire are being investigated.

Disaster recovery is a reminder that most fires can be traced back to the use of an open flame, an electrical fault, a heating failure, cooking, or smoking, although all of these could be prevented with a smoke detector and a little care.

Disaster Management in Debrecen draws attention to how to help firefighters work through a video

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