The general assembly of the company operating the Debrecen airport was transferred to the state free of charge by the general meeting of the city

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The Hungarian state will be able to acquire a 51 percent stake in Debrecen International Airport Kft.

State to Acquire 51 PC Stake in Debrecen Airport Operator

In connection with the presentation, Mayor László Papp reminded that the airport is of strategic importance to the city, the state has previously supported the development of the airport, thus becoming the busiest airport in the region by 2019, ahead of Kassa and Oradea.

In the future, however, improvements are planned on a scale that cannot be achieved without serious state involvement, he stressed. He recalled that out of HUF 2.4 billion, a new firefighting barracks would be built, special airport firefighters would be employed, and planning for the new runway would begin.

He added that the airport’s navigation system needs to be replaced, but it can only be done with the new runway, which is an investment of ten billion in itself. The local government would not be able to finance such a large-scale development – László Papp justified the state’s role.

At the same time, he emphasized that the state only acquires a majority stake in the company operating the airport, the airport area and infrastructure will remain fully owned by the municipality.

The proposal was approved by a large majority of municipal representatives.

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