The robbers of the jewelry store in Debrecen are in criminal custody


Police in Hajdú-Bihar has filed a motion to arrest the Serbian men.

On January 27, 2022, a woman noticed unusual sounds around 10:30 a.m. in front of a jewelry store in Debrecen. She also saw a brawl inside, with two men hitting the third one. The woman immediately called the 112 emergency number, however, during the report, the two perpetrators fled the scene. The activity control center alerted the units out of line, who arrived at the scene while still making a phone call. An ambulance was called to the abused man and the witnesses were immediately heard. Many reported two squat men driving a lemon-yellow car, and a young man ran after the perpetrators and also photographed the license plate of the fleeing car.

Jewelry Store on Hatvan Street in Debrecen Got Robbed – Car Chase in the City Centre

The uniforms of Debrecen launched a drive hunt to find the perpetrators. One of the patrols, a few minutes after the announcement, spotted the car downtown and immediately began tracking and notifying their colleagues. The siren police cars then blocked the way for the fugitives from all directions when they collided with parked cars. The alleged perpetrators were on the run but did not get far because the patrols caught up and handcuffed them after taking a few meters.

According to the investigation so far, the two men entered the jewelry store shortly before the announcement, one of whom immediately nailed a gas and alarm gun to the seller and then began to punch and beat him. During the brawl, they tried to pack jewelry in a black bag, but in the end, they had to flee, leaving the gun and the bag behind.


Investigators of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters interrogated the Serbian brother-in-law as a suspect in the suspected criminal robbery, who was taken into criminal custody and made a motion to arrest him. The 46-year-old man and his 37-year-old brother also made detailed confessions to the police.

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