Young researchers from Debrecen introduce themselves


The results of the research carried out within the framework of the successful applications of the New National Program of Excellence (NHRDP) will be presented by the young researchers of the institution at an online conference of the Scientific Directorate of the University of Debrecen on 31 January.
The event will be held online in five sections – Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Humanities, Inanimate Sciences, Medicine and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences.

The New National Program of Excellence launched a scholarship competition on several topics in 2016, the aim of which is to help students and researchers in higher education excel in their scientific work. The NHRDP supports undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, doctoral students, and young teachers and researchers who carry out successful research and creative work in their higher education institutions.

The conference will include mentoring of teacher candidates, the future of young people, the future of the countryside, the study of 3D nanostructures, the benefits of targeted biological treatments, the online food consumer behavior of university students during COVID, and digital financial services, and also about why foreign students choose the University of Debrecen as the place of their studies.

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